Glastonbury's Tour Instructions

Welcome to Glastonbury's Tour. These simple instructions will help you to get the best from our tour.

Start the Tour

The easiest way to navigate is simply to click and hold your left mouse button and drag the panorama to where you want to look. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the image.

You may also use the buttons listed below to find your way around.

  • Pan left. Move view left
  • Pan right. Move view right
  • Pan up. Move view upwards
  • Pan Down. Move view downwards
  • Auto Rotate. Click once to stop panorama ratating, click again to restart
  • Zoom in. Zoom into panorama
  • Zoom out. Zoom pout of panorama
  • Info Button. Click once to view these instruction. Click again to hide
  • Full Screen. Click this button to view the panorama in glorious full screen.
  • Google Maps. Click this button to show google maps.
    When open use the slider to zoom all the way in. Each pin on the map represents a tour viewpoit. The active pin has a radar beam showing you the direction of view of the active panorama. You may move quickly around the tour by clicking on the map pins. Click the map button again to hide Google maps.
  • Local Map. Click this button to show a local map of the town.
    Each marker on the map represents an out of town panorama, for example, the Tor. Hovering your mouse over a marker brings up a preview of the panorama in the window. Click on the marker to visit that panorama. Click the local map button again to hide the map.

By using the two map buttons it is possible to visit anywhere on the tour with less than 3 mouse clicks.

Click the button below to start the tour

Start the Tour

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